August’s progress

Hi all,

Today it is raining here in Slovakia and all the young children have to go to elementary school for the first time this year. Bad sign? 🙂

It has been quite a while since my last post. For the future I will try to make a weekly posts. 

I wanted to continue in single apps and games development and I did. Most importantly I put out betatest version of the CoShopping, which is cooperative shopping app. Currently there is the iOS version and while it is being tested by my friends I am working on the Android version. If somebody wants to try current webpage for betatest is at CoShopping.

Already I got first comments from betatesters so I will have some more fun resolving that to everyones happiness. If you try the app and have the comments, please do not hesitate to write them.

Working regiment

For my apps development I managed to introduce normal work hours for myself. I go to the office in the morning and comeback in the evening at latest. Initially I stayed at the office too long during the night. This was fun at the beginning because I worked at my own app but it also caused me to be really tired and my progress significantly slowed down. I was tired and nervous because it was not going as expected (I like to plan) so I tried to go home earlier and not to think about development when I am not in the office. 

Now I must say this new working pace was sustainable for a five to six days a week and afterwards one day of a rest.

Ludum Dare 36

Previous weekend happened to be the ludum dare gamejam. For those of readers who are not familiar with a term gamejam. It is an event where game developers get together physically or online and spent some time to create a game. For ludum dare it is 72 hours straight from friday night to monday night. During this time gamedevs usually loose a lot of sleep some going 40 hours straight to finish their idea the best they can in the very limited amount of time. I joined the game jam as usually: got up in the morning and working until the morning. After spending about 40 hours and almost unlimited amount of coffee, I had my game Pyramid as ready as I was able to make it in the time. Also if somebody wants to try the Pyramid is here. Afterwards I spent some time to make the game working on the iPhone. It looks promising so I will get it to some friends if it is good enough to spend some more time on it and publish to appstore.

Since the competition I was getting to the normal work regiment rather unsuccesfully because I got used work until the morning again. Hope this resolves soon. Now I have to go to Prague and hopefully I will bring some more ideas and feedback from there.

Also I said that I will write some gym stuff. Now there was little time and energy so I switched from gym and running  because I was always tired and had some knee pain. Now I am running three times per week for 10km and doing short street workout sessions for upper body also three times per week. Also because of the previous knee pain I am not working out legs apart from running. I find this less energy consuming and I need my energy somewhere else. I will try this for a few weeks and afterwards decide if it brings some progress. My focus is on general conditioning.


Done iOS betatest. Working on Android version and resolvinf betatest comments for iOS for CoShopping.

Done Ludum Dare 36 game Pyramid. Created also iOS version.


Late beginning

Hi out there,

I want to introduce myself and this blog.

I am computer engineer who likes to create apps and games. I have a lot of ideas which I want to make work. Also I am interested in fitness so you may see some posts about my current diet(a big problem to do it right) and workouts.

Little bit of history

Few years ago I started a project called prunum with a friend but it didn’t work out very good. We made few apps. It took a lot of time and energy with little financial results, but it was very good learning experience. All this was done after school and work. Currently we were developing the app for shoppings which should be multiplatform Android/iOS and windows phone.  Hovewer i didn’t have much time and was quite exhausted from finishing the masters degree. After successfully finishing the school I decided that working in the job won’t bring my ideas come true so I took the courage and quit. Afterwards I required some time to get my things together inside my head. During that time my friend decided to not continue on this project anymore because of the lack of time and also he wants to try to work abroad.

What this is about

Now i am working on my own and this blog will be my company and something I can refer to later to remember how things were when I started.

I will write here progress on apps, games and some personal gym stuff and things that interested me.