Fobia – introduction

Hi guys,

i want to introduce my side game project. It is top-down stealth action shooter called Fobia. From a design viewpoint it is the mix between games Tapan Kaikki, Phobia and Commandos.

As this is project that currently gets the most modifications it might be interesting how I explore and decide what to do with the project. I want to write about decision and technologies used during development. Currently this is side project to enjoy and relax the game programming because CoShopping app development became somewhat exhausting.

Lets get started.


What is game about

The game is for one or multiple players using local cooperative gameplay. Goal of the players are to destroy some object or to get to some location. Players can use weapons available to their character. For example sniper has a sniper-rifle, pistol and the fist. Rifleman has rifle, pistol and the fist and is a bit faster than sniper.

Using players’ specific characteristics is important to the gameplay. For example rifleman can more easily follow and kill silently with meelee weapon because he is faster. Sniper can kill from bigger distance but to see more he has to cooperate with the other players get larger field of sight.

I plan to incorporate some real-world missions from commando corps if I can get my fingers on some interesting materials 🙂

I will try to keep the blog posts smaller and more on one specific topic and put them together more often. The next posts will be about technologies used and features that are currently implemented.


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