Progress #1 – DieLight resurrection

Progress #1 – DieLight resurrection

Hi guys,

until last weekend I was having pause from CoShopping and working on Fobia game trying various stuff which I will write about in some of the next posts.

This week’s plan was to make a progress on CoShopping towards the goal to publish it before the end of the year. However that was not how things happened.

Through the week I got to talk to my friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend. Because he lives in different city we decided that we will get together to talk on Saturday. I know him from the beginning of my university studies and I already became suspicious that it won’t end up just with talking. I was right and it turned out to be a party until the morning leaving me not able to do anything useful on sunday 🙂 While trying to get myself together I watched some talks with Rami Ismail from Vlambeer which somehow made me look again at my last Ludum dare project Pyramid.

Thats how the things got started. The game feels good and is easy to understand and I already had an iOS version working.

SPOILER: I created a gameplay video and attached the link to the end of the page so you can let me know what you think.

Graphics update

Graphics was mostly missing, so I went ahead and drawn something in my favourite graphics editor inkscape. I drawn the new menus and dialogs. Afterwards I drawn new graphics for gameplay controls and background. Every control now has two versions, one is highlighted and one is normal. The highlighted one is shown after the touch to make the game fell more responsive.

Levels management

Also the level selecting mechanism was really shitty. It haD only two options to start from the beginning or to continue. It was made in a hurry for a competition and level selecting was not an important thing than. Also there was no information on the progress and no way to return to interesting levels.

To solve all the issues at once I created a level selecting page where player can choose which level he would like to play. I wanted to preserver the “Continue” mechanism so player has to play all the levels in their order and cannot skip any of them. I used colours to distingues between three kinds of level: already won, locked, not won yet. The result currently looks like this:


Player can see which levels were played, which level is required to be won to progress in the game and that there are more levels left to be played.


When I had graphics in place I tested the new level selecting by playing 207 levels in row 🙂   I felt that gameplay with rotating the light in the iOS version was a little bit hard to grasp. There were just too many angles to be covered and the result after rotating the light a little bit was hard to be imagined when mind was under the stress of time going out. Rotating the maze instead of light seems to be a better idea. It rotates only 90 degrees each time as in the Ludum dare version. With only 4 possible rotations it was easier for me to imagine how the rotation result will look and use correct rotation under the time pressure.

Also I had to widen the light to cover the corners because now there are only 4 possible rotations of maze. With narrow light the corners were shown only during rotation animation making the gameplay stressful.

Other stuff

Rest of the time I spent looking into the monetisation options and playing the games from About fun because they use the free-to-play model I think that will suite this game the best.

I created a video with current DieLight gameplay. Here is the link because I don’t know how to embed it directly.

Gameplay video


Fobia – introduction

Hi guys,

i want to introduce my side game project. It is top-down stealth action shooter called Fobia. From a design viewpoint it is the mix between games Tapan Kaikki, Phobia and Commandos.

As this is project that currently gets the most modifications it might be interesting how I explore and decide what to do with the project. I want to write about decision and technologies used during development. Currently this is side project to enjoy and relax the game programming because CoShopping app development became somewhat exhausting.

Lets get started.


What is game about

The game is for one or multiple players using local cooperative gameplay. Goal of the players are to destroy some object or to get to some location. Players can use weapons available to their character. For example sniper has a sniper-rifle, pistol and the fist. Rifleman has rifle, pistol and the fist and is a bit faster than sniper.

Using players’ specific characteristics is important to the gameplay. For example rifleman can more easily follow and kill silently with meelee weapon because he is faster. Sniper can kill from bigger distance but to see more he has to cooperate with the other players get larger field of sight.

I plan to incorporate some real-world missions from commando corps if I can get my fingers on some interesting materials 🙂

I will try to keep the blog posts smaller and more on one specific topic and put them together more often. The next posts will be about technologies used and features that are currently implemented.

Porting and redesign of CoShopping

Hi guys,

winter is coming, my runing session are coming short (haven’t run for last two weeks) and I’m becoming a little bit lazy with blogging. I guess it is because currently I am writing the CoShopping ‘s iOS version for the third time.

First it was in swift, then ported to Xamarin.Forms. This seemed to be a good decision because backend part was supposed to be same for Android and iOS version and there should be only minor changes required in the frontend part between iOS and Android versions. It proved to be very wrong. Xamarin.Forms is not mature project, it is full of bugs with each new version breaking the previously working api and introducing new bugs. It breaks also such a simple things as menu will inevitable crash the app on iOS 10 while on iOS 9 it was happily working 🙂 If somebody out there is trying to find crossplatform option for development I have to say that Xamarin.Forms is waste of time and money. This is based on my experience. They have a lot of bugs and are very slow in resolving them.

Currently I am porting this to Xamarin.iOS. This seems to be working. I managed to save all the backend stuff while having to write completely new frontend staff. Hovewer when I had to do a rewrite I also done some redesign with the UI and introduced a multiple local lists feature. Main screen of the app now looks like this:


I also created new icon:


I hope I can finish everything this week and put out the final betatest version. Before christmass I want to put the app out for iOS and work on the Android version using Xamarin.Android.


I also have to write that I’m working on the game called Fobia. It is mix between tapan kaikki and commandos. Players are in the position of commandos trying to reach their objective while killing the enemy soldiers in the stealth or action way. It is top-down shooter which features cooperative multiplayer.

I will write a separate blog posts about this because it seems to be getting more updates than CoShopping.