What has been going on in september?

Hi guys,

while this report is already a month late… I still consider it my first weekly report 🙂

What happened to regular weekly this month? I’ve been travelling for weekends this month and hadn’t any energy left. While this makes me feel bad for not writing my reports it actually helped me to recover from the work.

Discounts please

I’ve spent a lot of time doing development on the CoShopping‘s new feature – discounts. CoShopping now show if there are some discounts on the products that while user is going through his shopping list.

To enter the discounts into the backend server I had to create some UI. I have experience with django and its auto-generated admin looked promising to avoid development the custom web interface. I took the opportunity and rewritten all the poor code from  php to python and django. Now it looks really good, sometimes I catch myself just going through this beautiful code 🙂 Django’s admin is up to the task of entering the discounts catalogues into the server part.

Only unresolved issue for now is that most shops are changing their discount catalogues on a weekly base here in Slovakia. Because of that, catalogues have to be entered into the backend very often and it can take up the whole day. I am thinking about hiring some student to help me out on this for one-two days a week.

Also I spent some time analyzing text-matching algorithms like Levenshtein distance and other fuzzy stuff to implement good name matching between product names and user entered text in the mobile app.  I was trying to find the balance between good match and not too much work on the app side because it has to be very responsive.

Betatest resolution

Other part of the month I spent working on the comments from betatesters. These are still not done and I had to move the releasing of the new version to the end of this week, although it was scheduled to be released last week. Maybe it is not necessary to fix everything but to release more often? Testers will have more time to test and in the meantime other issues still can be fixed. Also the release process will become more fluent, because now it is looks very random to me 🙂

Daily struggle with Xamarin

I don’t know if I already mentioned that I use Xamarin for a mobile development. I choosen this because CoShopping is multiplatform and I don’t like to write the bussiness logic more than once (database related stuff mainly). Hovewer now I am running into the bugs sometimes which are caused by the Xamarin’s multiplatform Xamarin Forms. Last time I reported to them that the context menu is crashing the app on iOS 10 while it is working on iOS 9. Now also other people reported this kind of bug but Xamarin still has no response. Because it is internal stuff of their library there is no correct solution but to write completely custom context menu 🙂

I guess next time when I will start a project I will use the native instruments for each platform. There may be more work but at least there won’t be any unresolvable bugs or the bugs that will take forever to implement for such a simple stuff as a menu.


From now on I will spend some time studying the google adwords in order to understand how it can help me with app marketing. Also I want to ask the local TV station which has the show about best applications if they could mention CoShopping once it is out. This probably has still some time.

Also I got a little bit help from the outside. Microsoft has announced there won’t be anymore windows phone devices. Luckily for me this means I don’t have to support third platform which was originally planned… but of course I am sorry for all the WP’s users 🙂


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