Late beginning

Hi out there,

I want to introduce myself and this blog.

I am computer engineer who likes to create apps and games. I have a lot of ideas which I want to make work. Also I am interested in fitness so you may see some posts about my current diet(a big problem to do it right) and workouts.

Little bit of history

Few years ago I started a project called prunum with a friend but it didn’t work out very good. We made few apps. It took a lot of time and energy with little financial results, but it was very good learning experience. All this was done after school and work. Currently we were developing the app for shoppings which should be multiplatform Android/iOS and windows phone.  Hovewer i didn’t have much time and was quite exhausted from finishing the masters degree. After successfully finishing the school I decided that working in the job won’t bring my ideas come true so I took the courage and quit. Afterwards I required some time to get my things together inside my head. During that time my friend decided to not continue on this project anymore because of the lack of time and also he wants to try to work abroad.

What this is about

Now i am working on my own and this blog will be my company and something I can refer to later to remember how things were when I started.

I will write here progress on apps, games and some personal gym stuff and things that interested me.


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